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stink tree

designed by dylan gold

Few things regarding this table are certain, and as of now the Stink Tree Table is still shrouded in mystery. Some say the name is derived from its resemblance to the ancient chinese sumac, a highly poisonous species. Others insist it's a subtle tribute to the designers comtemporaries, and a statement directed at the modern furniture industry in general. One thing is certain however... The Stink is made entirely of recycled material and water based finishes. The one pictured has a FSC certified walnut veneer, yet the laminate and ultimately the extruded graphic are all customizable. If you're worrying about stuff falling through the cracks, so to speak, then don't use the table in a manner where things would get caught down there, and dont spill your drink, although a towel or dust brush can reach the crevices anyway. You can also fit it with a piece of glass if you're that worried.

see the stink tree here...


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